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Placer Title Company created its Builder/Developer Services Division to support the many project intricacies that builders and developers face each and every day. Our division is staffed with regional professionals who specialize in guiding the builder/developer through the maze of complex regulations and tie consuming legal requirements. Placer Title Company boasts some of the most experience service teams in the business we work with California’s most prestigious developers and builders, giving us experienced in all types of title work including residential subdivisions, commercial projects, and investment projects.

We believe that the services provided by Placer Title Company are the solutions that builders and developers are looking for. Our division provides customized title and escrow services ranging from and acquisition to complex commercial transactions, focusing on the individual title and escrow requirements of California’s land developers and builders. We specialize in multi-location and multi-faceted projects with the convenience of a single point of contact to assure a streamlined process. Our relationships with multiple underwriters guarantee the optimal solution for each and every transaction. We have Regional Special Projects Divisions located throughout Northern California and are equipped to handle any transaction in the entire state.


We believe the key to success in any project is developing a relationship. Since many transactions span over a number of years, the importance of working with a team that you trust is imperative. At Placer Title Company, you will have the following people working for you and your transaction to assist with the routing of the California Department of Real Estate and other governing agencies.

  • Our Builder Services Manager
  • Your Designated Development Team
  • Our Marketing Staff
  • The Finest Title and Escrow Professionals
  • Our Mapping Specialist
  • A CalDRE consultant

From the first stages of land acquisition through sale-out, our team is working for you. In addition to our devoted team, all of your transactions are backed by the strength of Mother Lode Holding Company. Through the strength and support of Mother Lode Holding Company, Placer Title Company works with state and local officials who support initiatives beneficial to the homebuilding industry.

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When you choose Placer Title Company for your development project, you will immediately encounter our highly trained and experienced staff. From the origination of the project, our knowledgeable team works to thoroughly examine and then guarantee and insure the title for all types of developments. We work with you and track the entire project, observing the market trends, providing mapping services, and coordinating the project details. Throughout the project, we standby and work to resolve title related issues that may potentially hinder or delay the development plans. We work closely with the developer, the project engineer and attorney to propose solutions before any setbacks occur.


The processing of a final recorded map with the local governing agency and the filing for a public report from the DRE is an interdependent process that requires the sequence of certain conditions be met in a specified order, so as to accomplish both these items in the most optimal amount of time. Placer Title Company knows the intricacies of processing and approvals and will work closely with you to ensure all submissions are made in a timely manner. During the mapping phase, your team at Placer Title will determine record matters affecting the project and work closely with your project engineer and various local officials to obtain map approval on your transaction. We provide the project engineer with boundary deeds, vesting deeds, recorded maps, easements and other documents that are vital to process the map.


A lot line adjustment, also known as a boundary line adjustment, accommodates a transfer of land between adjacent separate lots. They do not create additional lots or building sites. A lot line adjustment allows for the legal transfer of ownership and minor relocation of property boundaries or merging lots for any subdivided parcel. Changes in lot configurations may also be allowed provided the building site remains within the original parent parcel. This process allows for corrections to created gaps or overlaps of property caused by erroneous occupation or legal descriptions. At Placer Title Company, we can facilitate lot line adjustments by correcting property line or setback encroachments, creating a better lot design, or improving access without creating substandard lots or setbacks.


The Public Report is required by the California Department of Real Estate (DRE) for all residential subdivision developments with five or more planned lots and must be obtained before subdivisions are offered for sale or lease. We assist you throughout this complicated process by offering our DRE consultants to support you in completing the appropriate steps and to avoid any unnecessary delays in the project.

Throughout the entirety of the project, Placer Title Company works closely with the developer, engineer, attorney, county agents, and title department to continue the required document preparation. Placer Title Company will prepare the following for the application package: Preliminary Report, DRE Questionnaire, will-serve letters, and other pieces needed by the DRE. We order all related documents during the Public Report process and work closely with the Deputy assigned by the DRE to the project. By making Placer Title Company the “Single Responsible Party,” our DRE consultants will handle the Public Report requirements on your behalf, allowing all reports to be filtered through one location and streamlining document tracking. Furthermore, you can trust Placer Title Company to remain up to date on regulations, procedures, and processing requirements that will affect the issuance of the Public Report.


At Placer Title Company, we understand the importance of a smooth closing for the homebuyers of the new development and we consistently provide exceptional service to ensure overall customer satisfaction. Escrow is the customer’s last contact in the development sales process and therefore the final assurance of satisfaction. Using Placer Title Company for escrow services only solidifies the relationship between the homebuyer and developer. Discover why we have been a leader in the title and escrow industry for over 40 years!

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