To be the expert title and escrow partners our valued customers trust, part of our mission includes making sure we are good industry stewards. That’s why your Placer Title Company team and the leaders of our parent company, Mother Lode Holding Company, have always been actively involved in our industry associations, including the California Land Title Association and the American Land Title Association.

It brings us great joy to announce our very own Randy Bradley is now the president of CLTA for the next year. (Click here to read the letter Randy wrote to members when he took the reins this summer.) We recently talked to Randy about why involvement in our industry groups is so important. He said, “CLTA is a very strong land title association with a strong executive committee and board.” He’s excited to be president but explained that leading CLTA is largely a function of managing the collaboration of the entire CLTA leadership.

Privacy, industry regulations, Remote Online Notarization (RON) legislation and working to keep customers safe from wire fraud will all be topics Randy expects to tackle during his term as president. Specifically, when it comes to RON, he said California’s secretary of state and attorney general are “very interested in” learning more about the topic. However, he acknowledged that it’s likely to be a thoroughly vetted process here in California. He also pointed out a recent joint effort with the California Association of Realtors that would explore electronic means of delivering earnest money deposits.  Of course, Randy and CLTA will continue to work with the state legislature and CLTA members concerning the issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Randy noted there are about six other Placer Title leaders who are heavily involved in CLTA alongside him. He and his partner, Lisa Steele, an Executive Vice President with Mother Lode Holding Company, devote time to the American Land Title Association (ALTA), too. Representatives from our sister companies in other states are actively involved in their state associations as well including Liz Jorgenson from Wyoming Title and Escrow who is the immediate past president of the Wyoming Land Title Association.

“I see it as a contribution from our company to our industry,” Randy said. “In each of our markets, MLHC is a significant player in that market, and I think it’s incumbent of all significant players in our industry to be part of the process.”

Randy encourages all title professionals – and anyone in general – to find ways to get involved in their industry groups. After all, any effort affects you as an individual professional and enhances your company.

“I think it would be short sighted not to be involved in an organization that advocates on your behalf, that reviews legislation and has input and influence on that legislation which will affect you,” Randy said. “If our company is going to be impacted by something, I want a seat at the table.”

The entire Placer Title family is proud of Randy and his presidency. We know he’ll continue to be an industry leader not just for us but for everyone across the state. To learn more about CLTA, click here.