At Placer Title Company, we’re ready for all things fall, even though the temperatures haven’t exactly dipped yet in California. But before we know it, we’ll be welcoming sweater weather, sipping pumpkin-flavored drinks and driving around our gorgeous region to get a glimpse of fall leaves. In a usual year, the first chill of fall usually signals a natural slowdown of the real estate market as kids return to school and families prepare for the holidays.

But this year (where unprecedented is the norm,) the housing market is expected to retain its heat well into the fall. We know our Realtor and attorney friends are busy as interest rates remain low, and buyers rethink where they live as work-from-home policies become a permanent fixture of our way of life.

The upcoming change in seasons got the team at Placer Title thinking about the resiliency of the real estate industry over the past several months, especially in Placer County and the greater Sacramento region. Our mission is to be the title and escrow expert you need for all your real estate transactions, and we are committed to our customers, our team members and our industry.

With that commitment in mind, we read with interest a Forbes article that recommends how our real estate partners can remain engaged with clients as technology and other outside forces continue to shape the profession we love. (As title people, we loved the tips, too!)

Networking remains as important as ever.

Real estate professionals will continue to need to connect with their sphere of influence as often as possible. Reach out to your peers who you have a great rapport with and build your network to prepare for whatever market conditions come next.

Millennial homebuyers expect you to use technology.

Over the last several months, we’ve seen our real estate partners embrace virtual home tours, electronic signatures and other digital strategies. Instead of letting these new technologies go to the wayside as the way we do business normalizes, younger homebuyers will expect you to have these tools at the ready.

Continue to treat real estate as a profession. 

Instead of treating real estate as a part-time job to make some quick bucks, the article predicts that agents who see their role as a professional, full-time gig will outlast and have the competitive edge over their peers.

No matter what the future holds for the housing market, and it’s looking as bright as it can be right now, the Placer Title team is here for you. For all your title and escrow needs, make sure you reach out to us. We are the partners you need for today and to prepare for tomorrow!