Placer Title Company loves being a part of a new Napa

Fri, 08/31/2018 - 2:55pm

Placer Title Company is excited to have a physical office in beautiful Napa. Our new digs opened earlier this summer with Larry Frattini at the helm of a caring and professional staff that is ready and able to help you with any kind of real estate transaction. Larry and the Napa team are the experts you need and the partners to trust.

Helping guide Napa County land transactions – whether they are vineyards, homes or anything else – through the closing table, is nothing new for Placer Title Company. We’ve been doing it for years. But we’re excited to have a physical presence in such a vibrant area. Napa, of course, is known outside of the region for its wine and famous grapes. But the rest of the area is doing well too.

So much so that a Washington Post wine and food columnist devoted several hundred words to the recent facelift the city of Napa has received. Using the unfortunate 2017 wildfires as a backdrop, (Our thoughts continue to be with those effected by this year’s fires as well.) Dave McIntyre wrote, “Not so long ago, visitors to Napa Valley could be excused for ignoring Napa itself. It was a sleepy little town, making the news whenever the scrawny Napa River flooded, or when the Copia wine and food mecca famously failed.”

When he visited earlier this year things had certainly changed. McIntyre highlighted the new Archer Hotel and the popular Oxbow Public Market. The latter has been around for a bit longer – it celebrated its 10-year anniversary in December. The market is only about two miles south of our new office, so you can bet our employees there have sampled what the space has to offer a few times.

The Washington Post piece also included some encouraging numbers about last year’s grape crop, given the 2017 fires. If you follow Napa closely, you probably already know these figures, but they are worth repeating to show that the wineries in Napa, Sonoma and Mendocino counties were mostly “unscathed.”

  • 99.8 percent of vineyard acres and 93 percent of wineries were unaffected by the fires according to said Robert Eyler, an economist with Sonoma State University.
  • Eyler also said that 99.5 percent of crop value was recovered, and very little replanting will be necessary

While the effects on the wine industry were as minimal as could have been hoped for, the fires were still devasting for lots of people. After all, they did burn 200,000 acres of land and destroy more than 8,350 homes, businesses and structures, and the toll of those blazes are certainly still being felt today by many of residents around here.

The 2018 California Trends Report in Agricultural Land and Lease Values came to largely the same conclusions as McIntyre’s piece. Because most of the crop had already been harvested, the fires had minimal effect of the year’s grape crop, researches wrote in the report, and 2017 should see an average sized crop, with very good overall wine quality. However, some of 2017’s late-harvest grapes for like Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel were lost in the fires.

There is no doubt that wine is important to all of California, and especially here in Napa. But this area has so much more to offer, and Placer Title Company is proud to be a part of it all. We’re ready to show how our caring approach with customers and attention to detail on every transaction will help us build strong relationships in Napa and everywhere else.

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