If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we can work from anywhere.

That realization is causing a notable shift in where we live and what we’re looking for in the communities we call home. While Placer Title Company is the expert you need for any real estate transaction, our roots are in Placer County and the Sacramento region. The area around our capital city has long been an awesome place to live for plenty of reasons.

Now, for a variety of reasons, others are starting to catch on to the city’s charm and affordability, too. Redfin recently ranked Sacramento as among the most popular places for people to be exploring a move to as they hunt out more space and less stress during the coronavirus pandemic. Sure, living on the ocean or a high-priced metropolitan area seems like a good way to live the American Dream. But priorities are changing as health and safety concerns endure. The survey found more than a quarter of respondents are considering a move to a different city.

What’s driving it? Historically low mortgage rates for one. But it seems like the heart is also playing a factor. Listen to this from Redfin economist Taylor Marr:

“Add in employers’ increasingly flexible remote work policies and the fact residents of many big coastal cities can’t fully enjoy their local amenities, and the people who have long wanted to live in a more affordable area or closer to family are incentivized to make the move soon…I expect more people to move from one part of the country to another as the pandemic continues to influence people’s priorities and lifestyles.”

So, if you’re a prospective buyer looking at the Sacramento Valley, welcome. (We hope you’re a Kings’ fan.) Here’s what we love about the area:

It’s an affordable, and steady, place to live.

We might not be oceanside, but if you’re in the market for a high quality of life with a mortgage that doesn’t break the bank, Sacramento is for you. The city is affordable, especially when you consider prices across other California metropolitan areas.

You’re within driving distance to other great destinations.

We get it, once you get to Sacramento, you might never want to leave. But if you ever get an itch for some new scenery, the city is close to other cool places, like Lake Tahoe, Monterey and lots of wine in Napa and Sonoma.

And those reasons are just the start of why we love the city! For a few more, check out this blog. As always, for all your title needs, make sure you reach out to Placer Title. We are the partners you need for your next real estate transaction in Sacramento, or anywhere else around California.