As we’ve mentioned before, Placer Title Company is a proud member of the California Land Title Association and the American Land Title Association (ALTA). We firmly believe a strong title industry benefits us, our partners, and our customers. We are proud to say that several of our Placer Title team members, and the leaders of our parent company—Mother Lode Holding Company—lend their expertise to these organizations too.

Why do we bring this to your attention now? ALTA is on an ongoing mission to better explain why title insurance is so important to a buyer and how your escrow agent truly is the protector of a transaction. We’ve used information from this effort to write blogs in the past including how to explain title insurance to your customer and even created a short quiz on how much you know about the title industry. Recently, our own Lisa Steele played a starring role in a new campaign created by ALTA.

In this video, Lisa and other industry leaders proclaim they are the offensive and defensive linemen, private investigators, bloodhounds, etc., to talk about how title agents work diligently to protect buyers and sellers and their transactions. There is lot of behind-the-scenes work that goes into every title order, but it is all so we can celebrate a successful closing day with you as the escrow partner you can trust. As it was stated in the video, we are the ones who give the green light for a deal to be finalized and it is a responsibility the entire Placer Title team takes seriously.

Placer Title has always taken pride in protecting property rights and the American Dream, but these days we protect our customers from even more. We fight against wire fraud (let us keep those conversations going) and are continuing our efforts to safeguard health and safety during the pandemic. At Placer Title we are dedicated to you —always.

If you loved this video as much as we do, please pass it on to your buyers, sellers, and anyone else with questions about title or escrow. As always, reach out to us whenever you and your customers need a friendly title professional on your side.